11 Brilliant Solutions For Your Space-Challenged Home


There are so many things we would like to have in our home, but we just don’t have the time nor the space. And who has the money to afford it all? Yet there are some very simple things you can actually do which would take little room, little time, and even less money than you expect! Here are 11 life-saving ideas for those who seek change fast, but lack the space, the funds or both.

The Minimalist Toilet

2 toilet

An additional bathroom always adds value to your home, but people often struggle with where to put it as they do not want to give up any of their already used space. Underneath a staircase is the perfect spot as it is normally unused and the size is just right for an affordable addition. Your guests will be happy and you will have a positive return when selling!

Harry Potter Lived In One Of These


The next storage solution is quite brilliant!

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