11 Famous Kids Who Look Just Like Their Parents & Their Net Worth


There is a point in our lives, in which we take a look in the mirror and realize we’re a spitting image of one of our parents. It’s hard to imagine what’s it like to look in the mirror and see the face of a very known and rich public figure staring back at us! The kids on this list have drawn the best out of the gene pool, and look exactly like their celebrity parents. Which is not so bad, considering how much money the parents have, money that will surely flow to the hands of the look-alike kids one day.

David Beckham & Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz – Net Worth: $650 Million


It looks like Victoria and David Beckham have opened a factory which produces little Posh-Beckham duplicates. The boys are lucky to inherit these wonder genes (along the $350 Million David has and the $300 Million Victoria owns), which come in this case from the combination of model and soccer star dad, with former Posh Spice and current fashion designer mom.

The Rich Lives Of The Young Beckhams

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The next child has a rock star dad and an actress mom!

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