10 Female Millionaires Who Can Use A Matchmaker


Money doesn’t keep you warm at night, unless you count the fact that it buys you a furnace. It also doesn’t make you happy, unless you count the feeling of accomplishment, power and kick-ass vacations you can have with just about anyone. But that’s just the thing, isn’t it? Finding the perfect someone who makes everything feel even better? Being a strong, independent woman with her own life doesn’t leave much time for romancing, so why not enlist a matchmaker who can find someone worthy of a woman of such admirable character?

1. Filiz Sahenk

Filiz is quite the impressive woman. Hailing from Turkey, the business mogul is worth nearly $2 billion and has done so not only through familial inheritance but through hard work and personal talents. At 49, she is single, and well deserving of someone to make her already glorious life feel even more so.

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