Top 10 Highest Paying Work-From-Home Careers


Unlike in years past when working from home was seen as a last resort, many professionals are now opting to telecommute to their offices or become totally independent freelancers. In addition to cutting out the need for hours-long commutes from our already hectic and over-scheduled days, it also gives many people the freedom to work from anywhere, whether that be at home in their bathrobe or poolside while on vacation.
With worldwide unemployment rates high and hiring rates low, especially for new college graduates, work from home or online careers have continued to steadily grow in popularity in recent years. Even traditionally office-bound jobs are finding their back home: physicians, radiologists, attorneys, computer scientists, and even teachers can now find reputable work-from-home career opportunities.
“Being able to work from home makes life easier and appeals to the latent entrepreneur,” says Michael Haaren, co-author of Work at Home Now and co-director of “There’s less willingness today to be a cube-dweller or lifetime commuter.” While working from home does come with drawbacks, including fewer possibilities for promotion and a potential salary cut, many feel that the benefits far outweigh any negatives.
These ten careers offer some of the highest work-from-home salaries, some extremely close to the salaries of their traditional office counterparts. Average annual salaries were calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Financial Manager

Photo From: Neoclix

Photo From: Neoclix

Average annual salary: $109,740

Financial managers are primarily responsible for making sure that the companies or individuals they work for make sound financial decisions that do not negatively affect their long term financial goals. Duties for this career include creating monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports, directing investment activity, and being available to advise clients on developing strategies for their financial futures.
Because financial managers are able to meet clients anywhere from a coffee shop to the client’s home, it is possible to participate in this lucrative career field even while working from home.



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Average annual salary: $93,680

A relatively unknown career field to some, actuaries work by using statistics to assess risk, liability, and predict future events. Working mainly with insurance companies, most positions require a Bachelor’s Degree in some area of mathematics, statistics, or finance, although the majority of training is done on the job.
Because actuaries work primarily with numbers, data, and statistics, their work can be done from anywhere and telecommuting is accepted by some companies.

 Computer Software Engineers

Photo From: Fromdiaperstodeadlines

Photo From: Fromdiaperstodeadlines

Average annual salary: $93,350

Computer software engineers work in almost every realm of technology, from writing code and creating apps to troubleshooting software and maintaining networks. Those looking to get into this field must be willing to work as part of a team, as even software engineers who telecommute often work as part of a larger team or group.
As our dependence on technology and the necessity to keep it running smoothly continues to increase, so will this lucrative job field. Similar jobs include network administrators and programmers.

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