9 Jobs That Don’t Exist Anymore Thanks to Technology


There are so many jobs which have disappeared with the invention of this and that technology. Some of these inventions we are oh so grateful for; others, the previous job-holders may be even more grateful for! Here are 9 of these positions and the machines which replaced them.

Bowling Alley Pinsetters

1 bowling

Bowling is still a popular sport today even though it first started in its current form back in the early 1800s. Of course there is one minor difference. Ever since the American Machine and Foundry Company invented the automatic pinsetter in the 1950s, there was no longer a need for human pinsetters. That’s right, the pins used to be set back up by men behind the lane. All we can think of is those poor guys getting hit by an errant ball! Ouch.

The men behind the lane


The next extinct job was very popular in old films!

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