10 Jobs That Pay Women More Than Men


As much as equality is in better shape than ever, still in most professions men earn more money than women. However, there are a few jobs in which the case is different. From the not-surprising to the absolutely shocking, here we show you 10 professions where the females outpace the males. Eat dust, men!

Waiters & Bartenders

This can be a lucrative career for many given the tips. That may be why there are pretty much equal numbers of men and women in the field. However, at the end of theday pay is not so equal. Females earn an annual pay of almost $2,000 more than males. On a weekly basis, women take home a median of $400 while men take home a median of $360. Can you guess why that is?

Famous Waitresses & Barmaids

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Continue reading to find out which Hollywood jobs pay women better than men, and no – we don’t mean acting!

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