9 Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well


People often consider moving into another field. Bored perhaps, in need of a new job, or maybe they are looking for a higher salary. We found 9 jobs which are definitely unique, and well-paying too! So take a look, and maybe you have been destined to be a snuggler or live model. You just never know.

Live Mannequin

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Here’s a form of exposure on the opposite side of the spectrum. These models are not called in for the normal print shoot or TV commercial; no, they are paid to be “live.” Technically this would appear to entail having to stand all day long in a shop window, minimal movement required given the limited space. This could get a tad boring, but at up to $100 an hour, who’s complaining? Think of all the fun you would have looking at the people passing by. And if you get tired, you can probably sit down. Just make sure you look good doing it.

Working as a Live Mannequin

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You won’t believe how much money you can make just by hugging people!

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