7 Most Amazing Honeymoon Locations


Weddings are a special day. But for most newlyweds they are also nerve-racking, exhausting and stressful. It’s really the honeymoon couples look forward to! Check out these top-notch locales we have found to guarantee a very special week indeed.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Nothing gets more blissful than this. Powder-white sand stretching along a crystal-blue lagoon is what this resort is known for. For those newlyweds who seek to do nothing more than be together in surreal privacy this is the spot. From sunset-view bungalows over the water to a lagoon-view spa, this is the place. Make sure to bring your VISA; you’ll be charged $5,000 per week.

Famous Couples Who Honeymooned In Bora Bora

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The next location offers an amazing honeymoon for those who like slightly lower temperatures.

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