9 Of The Most Expensive Houses In The World


Home sweet home. The smell of home-baked cookies, the sound of laughing children, and the sight of a helicopter? Well, for some people home means 27 floors and a commercial-sized greenhouse. Who’s to judge? Here are 9 of the most expensive private residences in the world which may seriously leave you scratching your head.

Antilia – Mumbai, India


Given the poor conditions of most of the people living in Mumbai, this one is a shocker. Muckesh Ambani is the chairman of the Reliance Industries Limited and the richest man in India. He thus has naturally taken up residence in this 400,000 square-foot palace. The $1 billion building has 27 stories, 6 underground parking floors, 3 helicopter pads, and needs a staff of 600 people to run. It’s the world’s 11th most expensive building and the most expensive private owned one.

The World’s Most Expensive Private Building

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