15 Proofs That Broke College Students Are The Best Innovators


People say you go to college to get an education, meet friends, and ponder your future success. Well, there are other benefits as well. Living as a poor college student with limited funds and a busy schedule also makes you tap into your inner genius as you struggle with daily needs. Check out these 15 proofs that students definitely know how to creatively face any situation.

Barbecue Done Right

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We don’t condone the stealing of the cart here (we assume it was stolen), but otherwise, what an ingenious solution to the much needed grill! A fire itself can be easily made, and food can be purchased conveniently and cheap enough or hunted! But where do you get a cheap grill on a Saturday night? Problem solved.

Here’s Another Way To BBQ

Continue reading for some more hilarious ways in which college students exhibit their improvisation abilities!

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