10 Richest Baseball Players In History


Baseball is an all-American pastime and beloved sport in the US. And, as would be expected, its stars are paid pretty darn well. How much? Check out these top 10 paid ball players and find out. Like legend Babe Ruth once said after being asked about being the first baseball player who made more than the President: “I had a better year.” Amen.

A.J.Burnett – Net Worth $45 Million

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Burnett has pitched for as many teams as he has made in dollar signs over the length of his career. First drafted as an amateur by the New York Mets in 1995, he played then for the Florida Marlins and made his major league debut in 1999. Returning to New York, this time to play for the Yankees, Burnett signed an 8 year $82 million contract. Traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2012, he played the 2014 season with the Phillies before returning for a one-year gig with the Pirates. But all the moving around has paid off for the star. With an annual salary of $16.5 million, Burnett has a net worth of a cool $45 mil; take that to bat!

A.J. Burnett & his Unique Challenger

The next baseball star was accused of taking drugs, yet still managed to make crazy sums of money!

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