9 Secret Rules That Disney Workers Must Obey


They say Disneyland is a wonderland of magic where all of your dreams come true. In order for that to happen, a ton of work goes on behind the scenes to make sure visitors aren’t disappointed. But there is a price to this wonder, and in fact, being an “employee” at this theme park is anything but wondrous, with rules galore to make sure those who pay for the high-priced tickets are pleased. Here are 9 secret rules Disney workers must follow; after all, a Magic Kingdom is at stake!

You Are Not an Employee

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When you take a job at Disneyland, you are not a normal employee. As a matter of fact, you don’t seem to be an employee at all. You are actually becoming a cast member of the most magical show on Earth! Everyone who “works” at Disneyland, janitors included, are essentially residents of the Magic Kingdom and expected to act accordingly. So put your most gleaming smile on, be friendly to all, and pray your pay check comes through in real money.

Even The Janitors Are Part Of The Show


Keep on reading to discover more dark & secret Disneyland staff rules!

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