7 Starlets Who Were Caught Shoplifting


Why people resort to stealing can be for a bevy of reasons, and it’s not always due to a need for money. Sometimes, people steal due to other issues in their life altogether and need help. And celebs are no exception. Here are 7 starlets who stole before and after they became rich and famous. We hope they all have learned their lessons and recovered by now.

Megan Fox

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Now a Hollywood starlet able to afford anything she wants, Megan was once a poor teen who had to steal $7 lip gloss from Wal-Mart. She supposedly is still banned from shopping at the stores in Florida! At first Megan put on a whole act of innocence to store security who didn’t believe her given they had her on camera. Megan’s childhood friends have reported that the star often took to shoplifting as a teen; we hope now Megan has mended her ways and keeps the acting for the screen.

Poor. Fox As A Teen

The next actress stole a $2,500 necklace and thought she could get away with it while the whole world was looking!

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