9 Of The Most Expensive Animals In The World


Fancy a pet? Well, how about a very special one, like to the tune of $16 mil? Too steep probably for most, but there are unique pals which run at the more reasonable rate of $10k as well. In fact, we have come across 9 insanely pricey pets which you are sure to find positively jaw-dropping. Make sure to hug your dog or cat today.

The Bengal Cat – $3,000

2 bengal cat

This little guy is pretty cheap, just $3k; not too bad for what is considered a rather common exotic pet. A cross breed between a domestic short haired black cat and an Asian Leopard, breeders seek a smaller and more domesticated version of the wild leopard. The right result takes five generations to achieve.

That’s One Big Cat! The Bengal Cat

The next cute pet has been glamorized by Hollywood recently, but you’ll have to give up serious money for it!

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