10 Of The Most Expensive Sports Events Ever


Love sports? Like watching them live? Sure, most people do. Nothing quite beats the thrill of attending sporting events in person and feeling the energy of the players, the fans, and the game. Of course, there are some events which may be a bit over your budget. Take these 10 famous matches; not quite little league prices, but then again, this is the major league, baby!

Ravens vs. 49ers (Super Bowl XLVII, $1,210/Ticket)

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers already had five Super Bowl wins under their belt and the massive following that went along with being established champions. But Ravens fans were darn loyal and came out to show it. With two huge fan bases and Mardi Gras just a week away, you can imagine how ticket prices for this game in New Orleans soared. The average ticket price was $1,210, and the crowd loved every penny per minute of this Super Bowl showdown.

Beyonce At The Halftime Show. Worth Every Penny

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