The 10 Most Lethal Animals On Earth


Animals are a favorite for us humans. We love watching animals, reading about them, and even interacting with them. But here are 10 animals you definitely do not want to meet at the petting zoo and absolutely don’t want to run into in nature. As a matter of fact, you’ll want to limit any viewing of these guys to the TV, magazines, and web as they can and will kill you on sight.

Cone Snail


Many people think snails are disgusting, even though there are some who eat them. This cone snail would not be considered cute by anyone, and shouldn’t be! One drop of a large cone snail’s venom can kill 20 human adults, and there is no anti-venom known. Found mostly in warm, tropical waters, the venom of some species contains high amounts of insulin which send their prey into shock.

Beautiful & Lethal


The next aquatic hunter can be found on almost every continent!

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