The 19 Most Lethal Creatures In Australia


Many people consider Australia, the continent which is also a country, as their favorite vacation spot. It was first discovered by the Dutch and soon became a penal colony for British criminals around 1788. Australia has gone through major changes in the past 200+ years and is now one of the wealthiest countries in the world. What hasn’t changed is the fact that Australia hosts some of the world’s most dangerous creatures and here you can find the 19 most dangerous of them all.

The Australian Bull Shark

This shark is not only one of the most dangerous sharks on earth but it’s actually responsible for most attacks attributed to other sharks, which might make him the deadliest shark ever known to man.

Attacks humans & other animals


This beast of the depths does not only attack people who go shark sighting in the ocean, but also manages to make its way upriver and get those enjoying a nice day at the river banks, as it can survive in both salt and fresh water.

Swims upriver


The next snake is the 3rd most venomous land snake!

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