The 7 Most Valuable Body Parts Of Celebs


All of us are familiar with the need to insure against loss. But we doubt any of you have anything quite as unique to insure as these 7 stars. Here we list the value of their assets per policies taken out, and while some make sense others left us slightly dumbfounded.

Keith Richards’ Middle Finger

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Richards is not just famous for being one of the founding members of rock band Rolling Stones, he also has a very famous middle finger. Well, maybe we should say expensive finger. Rolling Stone magazine has ranked Richards fourth on its list of top 100 guitarists, and appropriately, the rock star has had his middle finger insured for $1.6 million. Guess Richards uses that one the most; you know, to play the guitar of course!

The World’s Most Expensive Finger

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Keep on reading to see the world’s most famous and expensive behind!

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