The Surprisingly Modest Lives Of 10 Celeb Couples


We already know too well what happens when success meets extravagance: expensive shopping sprees, gourmet restaurants, fancy cars, private jets, etc. But what happens when success meets modesty? We usually don’t get to hear a lot about such cases. So this list is dedicated to those rich and famous who lead a life as simple and as humble as they can – at least in relation to what their money could buy them.

Prince William & Kate Middleton

Royalty and all, this couple is trying to stay grounded and sane when it comes to spending money. They shop for groceries themselves, and Kate prefers not to use a stylist but to pick her own clothes. Sometimes she even – are you ready for this? – wears them more than once!

A Glimpse Of William & Kate’s Modest Life

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The next couple on the list is also royalty, but the internet-made kind. Continue reading for all the details!

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