Top 10 Cartoon Characters That Have Made Hollywood Billions


Kids aren’t the only ones who love cartoons; Hollywood studios do as well, big time! Whether scary or sweet, gigantic or small, human or animal, toons in every shape, size, and character have the ability to engage audiences, capture imaginations, and rake it in at the bank. Here are the top 10 animated figures which have seriously enriched our lives and Tinsel Town wallets.

Alvin ($1.3 Billion)

1 alvin

Alvin the Chipmunk and his pack have been incredible money makers for Fox with the first film profiting $300 million and the 2 following sequels earning even more! This brand is over 50 years old and yet raked in some $300 million in merchandising when that first film hit. Those squeaky voices adults are annoyed with must really ring true with the little ones; or maybe they just love annoying their parents. Whatever the case, Fox has the last laugh.

The Evolution Of The Chipmunks


The next character and his pet dragon made more than a billion dollars!

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