Top 10 Richest Musicians


Success and the money that comes with it are music to anybody’s ears, and for these 10 musicians, the tune is definitely sweet! So many artists dream of doing what they love and being able to make a living doing it; these 10 artists must be deep, deep in love, because they are the wealthiest musicians on the planet! So here they are in ascending order.

Mariah Carey – $500 Million

2 mariah-horz

Famous for her multi-octave voice, this was one crooner who has stayed strong and maintained an incredibly high net worth. One item to note for the ever-young looking Mariah, is that nobody knows her year of birth. Presumed to be 1969, maybe Ex-husband Nick Cannon can give us a hint, that is if his prenup allows him to do so.

Mariah’s Dream House


The next rich singer shot his brother at the age of 12 for stealing his jewels!

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