You Won’t Believe How Much These 11 Old Toys Are Worth


Remember your first Game Boy? And what about your Furby?? There were so many incredible toys and games that hit the market over the last few decades, we could be flooded with memories for days. But did you happen to keep any of them around is the real question. Because nowadays, some of those childhood playthings go for some serious dough. Just check out these 11 we found; then head to your attic and start searching frantically!

Lego Sets – $12,000

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Legos have been a hugely popular toy for decades now, inspiring both fun and creativity. Even parents enjoy building with Legos! And with the “The Lego Movie” release it seems that the brand is gaining even more steam. Of course, basic Lego sets are fairly priced, but then there are some which have become insanely expensive. There is one discontinued pirate set which sells for $10,000; then there is a Star Wars Millennium Falcon set which would cost you a whopping $12,000! Definitely not child’s play.

Amazing Lego Creations

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The next game was so innovative when it first came out, it seemed like pure magic back then!

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